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$25.00 / month with a 30-day free trial

30-Day Free Trial

IMPORTANT:  Account Provisioning is required for SMS service in CRM.  Voifone CRM is a shared Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform.  It brings all forms of communication with customers, leads, organizations, prospects, vendors and others into a single platform and provides all kinds of services needed to run any business.  Our CRM is integrated with our Voifone system so you can send individual and bulk SMS plus individual and bulk email to any size groups. You can also run fully automated email marketing campaigns.  This is one of the lowest-cost full-featured CRM’s on the market.  See below for a comprehensive list of features included with your subscription.  Allow 1 business day excluding weekends and legal USA & Philippines holidays for provisioning. You will receive an email notification when your new CRM account is ready for use.


Voifone CRM + SMS + VoIP + Email Platform

Shared CRM for Small to Medium Size Business

Includes SMS Commercial Platform.  There are many good Customer Relationship Managements systems on the market. We think Voifone CRM provides the most features for the lowest cost of all our competitors, while providing just as much sophistication as the most expensive CRM’s.  Unlike other CRM platforms, we apply an all-in-one pricing formula.  While others charge more for every add-on feature, we provide all features to all users for the same price.  Our pricing has 2 variables.  First is the number of users.  We charge an ultra-low $10 per month for every additional user, and even lower for Members.  The first user pays $25/month.  Additional Users are $10/month each. The second variable is the number of records under management. We use a tiered system in which the more records you upload or create on your account the higher the base monthly fee.  For instance,

Regardless of the number of records you upload or create, you can send as many emails as you wish each month.  Your Voifone Communicator account is baked into the Voifone CRM too!  This means you can make calls through the CRM and track all your Call Details right from each Lead, Contact or Organization record (or view “all” calls).

COMPLETE RELATIONSHIP HISTORY WITH CONTACTS.  The strength of Voifone CRM is your ability to track the complete history of your relationship with leads, customers, organizations, family & friends, colleagues or others.  From a single contact/lead/organization record, you’ll find all of that organization’s or individual’s personal information, notes you’ve written, emails and calls you’ve had with them, files you’ve attached to or received from emails, documents between you, appointments and much more.

Here’s a partial list feature list of Voifone CRM:

  • Lead Records.  The Lead category is for those who expressed interest or inquired about something.
  • Contact Records.  After a Lead has progressed through your sales pipeline enough, you can auto-convert them to a Contact, which is somebody with more than just a passing interest.
  • Organization Records.  Whenever you have companies, government agencies or any type of organization to track you can create a special Organization record and link all the Contacts associated with that organization to it.
  • Extensive Record Tracking.  Extensive Lead, Contact and Organization record tracking allows you to do the following inside the customer record
    • Keep complete contact information
    • Click-to-Call (when integrating with Zoiper and your Voifone account)
    • Keep unlimited notes/comments per contact
    • Auto-tracks your most recent actions
    • Create & send email
      • Manage all your email accounts from Voifone CRM
      • Create beautiful responsive HTML email templates
    • Track Opportunities
      • Auto-creates sales funnel to visually monitor progress
    • Keep a record of ALL your activities (calls, SMS, emails, meetings, tasks, appointments)
    • Store almost any kind of Document for instant retrieval within the contact record
    • Track support tickets
    • Create and track your Sales Orders and Purchase Orders,
    • Track your products
    • Setup and track marketing campaigns
    • Track all services offered
    • Track Projects and Assets
  • Email Management.  You can use your personal email account from within Voifone CRM!  It’s a fantastic way to track ALL your emails.  When emails are received, they can auto-link to each Contact, which means when you open the Contact record, all emails for THAT person are right there where you need them!  If you don’t want to use yours, you can get one from us, with an address lik “you@rankingtrainer.com”.
  • Bulk Email.  Another great feature of Voifone CRM is the ability to send customized bulk email to any size group you want.  Of course you MAY NOT SPAM, so every email you send must be opted into your mailing list or double-opted in. You can also insert custom information into the emails, such as “Dear Firstname” and the first name will appear.
  • Individual Email.  Attach all emails sent and received to the Contact record with whom you correspond.
  • Worldwide Bulk SMS.  This is perhaps the most powerful communications feature of Voifone SMS.  Recent studies from 2018 show that a full 94% of SMS sent are OPENED!  This is by far the highest “open rate” of any form of communications. This means you can also get the highest response rate if you use our SMS feature along with your campaigns!
  • Worldwide Individual SMS. When you need to send a single SMS worldwide, Voifone Communicator SMS is baked right into Voifone CRM!  Send one SMS at a time and view your entire texting history as a whole or by viewing it from the Contact record to whom you sent the SMS.  Coverage to most countries is included.
  • Voifone Communicator Click-2-Call.  Call nearly every country directly from the CRM with a single click!  Just go to the Contact record, click the button and talk (headset recommended, dialer software must be installed separately on your PC).
  • Voifone Account Balance with Payment Link.
  • Email Automation.  One of the most powerful marketing features is our email automation module. With it, you can create fully automated emails which are sent based on various triggers.  This is fantastic for marketing and can easily boost your sales and income!
  • Email Template Builder.  Along with Email Automation, there’s a custom Email Builder which allows you to drag and drop elements into your email to create beautiful and sophisticated, eye-catching designs for your recipients.
  • Full Email Analytics and Email Tracking.  Every good marketing campaign needs analytics.  We’ve got ’em!  You’ll know who opened your emails, how many times they were opened, whether links were followed and be able to track additional marketing stats from every campaign you create.
  • Workflow Automations.  This allows the CRM to automate countless workflows, saving you time and money. It is the core feature of marketing automation in which a series of emails is sent based on triggering events such as by date, or upon creation of a new Lead or Contact, etc.
  • Webforms & Lead Capture.  Another very powerful feature is the ability to create forms for your websites
    • Embed your form on your website
    • Configure the form to create a new Lead, Contact or Organization upon clicking Submit
    • 1-click conversion of Lead-to-Contact
  • Project Management. This is normally an add-on for which other CRM platforms charge extra. It is included with your subscription.
  • *Inventory Management. Track your inventory and update it automatically as sales are
  • *Invoice and Purchase Order Creation.  Your sales team can create invoices & Purchase Orders, track and deliver them.
  • *Quotes. If you sell something that requires a customized quote, you can create the quote and deliver to the customer. When the Customer buys, the system can automatically create an invoice from the Quote.
  • *Product Management.  Normally, this is an expensive add -on for other CRM’s. We include it with your subscription.
  • *E-Commerce.  This allows you to accept payment through the CRM.
  • *Custom Branding.  If we provide custom installation, your own logo can be inserted.
  • Integrated Calendar and ToDo List.  Schedule all your activities, set reminders, etc. and link appointments and other activities to the Lead, Contact or Organization to whom it pertains.
  • Multiple Users.   If you wish to use CRM to manage your business, authorize as many additional users as you want for only $10/month/user.  Gold and Platinum Members pay only $5/user/month.
  • *Complete Customer Support Ticket System.  Don’t pay extra for ticket-based support.  Use the CRM’s own ticketing system and keep all your support issues neatly organized.
  • *User Support Portal.  Users can log into their own support portal where they can monitor status, create new tickets and respond to existing tickets.
  • Document Tracking and Storage.  Many Leads, Contacts and Organizations may have documents related to them.  Store all documents directly in the Contact record.
  • Analytics, Graphs & Charts. Easily visualize status and progress with Sales Funnel, Sales Pipeline and many other graphical representations of statistics.
  • FAQ.  Create and track an extensive FAQ list for internal use or external publication
  • Data Export.  Export lists to CSV for external use
  • Alerts.  Receive notifications with on-screen, SMS and email alerts so you’ll know if a contact becomes active, idle, or meets various other conditions.
  • Team Management.  Track the activities of your team
  • Tutorials.  Access the extensive library of step-by-step video and online tutorials to guide and teach you how to accomplish nearly anything you need your CRM to do.
  • Many More Features.  There are many more features but the list is too long for this space.

*Not available on Shared CRM.  Custom installation required.  Installation fee is $50 for existing, current CRM users.  Some features require paid extensions to function.

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