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Sms & Voice Broadcast to the philippines

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Emergency Messaging

Typhoons, earthquakes, eruptions, flooding, you name it, we’ve got it. Natural disasters are a way of life here in the Philippines. Make sure the people in YOUR area are safe with advance warnings & notifications from Voifone SMS.

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Political Campaigns

Instantly contact your constituents, drive voter turnout, announce meetings and events, enhance press releases and more! Bulk SMS ensures YOUR message gets to the right people, right now.

Enhance Your Odds

Good communications will give you a better chance to beat your opponents.


Businesses, schools, government agencies, sales people, churches and organizations of all types need to notify people of everything from rescheduling, to reminders, to events.  Use Voifone SMS to simplify your life!

Stay in Touch

Customers appreciate the personal attention of letting them know what’s happening.

Mobile Marketing

If mobile marketing isn’t a big part of your company’s sales and marketing strategy it should be! It’s the most-read media in history.  Don’t miss out. Use Voifone SMS to build your business faster and bigger.

Boost Your Sales

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Coverage & Customization for All

With 2 great platforms, the choice of Philippines-only or Worldwide Coverage and some of the lowest prices in the industry, you can’t go wrong.  Voifone SMS is an International text and voice message delivery service covering 228 countries with low commercial and very low wholesale rates.  You can also integrate our service into your own application, allowing maximum flexibility.

Philippines Only

We can configure your account to reach ONLY the Philippines if you prefer.  Some customers need this to prevent employees from sending messages outside the Philippines.

We go through the major Philippines cell phone carriers using only premium routes. Although no bulk SMS service reaches 100% delivery rates, our delivery rates are higher than most and sufficient fo most bulk SMS needs.

Worldwide Coverage


Send SMS to 228 countries at extra-low wholesale rates through Voifone CRM. Includes full Marketing Automation, Email Marketing, Email management, Contact/Lead management, Click-2-Call Voifone account, Calendar, ToDo, Project Management, and much more.

API For Custom Development

Integrate our SMS and Voice Broadcasting into your OWN application or website!  Your developer(s) can use  our API to make our system and integral part of YOUR system.

Full full customization within your own environment is possible by using our API.

SMS Messaging, Marketing & Automation

SMS has proven to be the most responsive form of advertising ever devised!  If you’re not using it, you’re walking away from untold amounts of new revenue every day!  Ask your Account Executive about Voifone CRM (Customer Relationship Management) which integrates Voifone SMS

Voice Broadcast Included

Voice Broadcast, AKA “Robo Calls”, has been around since the 1960’s.  Although many of the developed countries place severe restrictions on its use, it remains one of the most effective forms of message delivery ever created.  Here in the Philippines, we have no restrictions which means you can personalize your messages with your own voice or a celebrity voice for even more impact!

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) brings all our services together in a single platform.  Our low-cost CRM makes it possible for even the smallest company or even a single independent sales rep, MLM-er or home-based entrepreneur to have the most sophisticated platform for sales and marketing automation.


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Messaging Management Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

Use our platform to track and keep a complete history of every message you send to everyone!  Use our classic bulk platform for mass deliveries.  But when you need to drill down to the details, create many lists and track every message to every contact, use our integrated Voifone CRM.  Ask your Account Executive about this low-cost add-on that’ll take your message delivery sophistication to a whole new level.

"If you aren't yet using SMS in your Domestic AND International notification and marketing efforts, you're missing the best-performing communications system every devised."

– Richard Gaustad, Founder and CEO, Voifone Carrier, LLC

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